You Can Do So Much More With Your Business Online |

Most brick-and-mortar businesses that establish a presence on the Internet tend to replicate an online version of their physical business. Nothing wrong with that – it’s the logical place to start and should be your first point of presence on the Internet. But don’t stop there – the Internet is so much more powerful and flexible for doing much more than just creating an online version of your physical business.Here’s a great example to start thinking more creatively about your online presence. NBC launched an educational resource called NBC Learn using their existing NBC News archives. The NBC News archives were already online as part of their core traditional business. NBC Learn is a completely different product delivered using innovative technology (HotChalk) for a completely different audience (schools) using an on-demand paid subscription model. NBC Learn is a successful business extension.

There’s more to this story. A couple of years after launching NBC Learn, they were exploring how to create demand directly with students. The service is sold to schools (initial marketing focus) and used by students. NBC developed ‘What’s Your iCue?’ video quiz games as a promotional campaign for NBC Learn aimed at students on Facebook. The iCue promotion was setup with advertising sponsorships. At a recent Internet strategy forum, NBC mentioned that the iCue sponsorship revenues now exceed the NBC Learn subscription revenue.To recap, NBC starts with putting their traditional news business online. They then parlay those existing assets into the new NBC Learn business as an additional revenue source. To promote the new business they create a sponsored promotional campaign on Facebook that becomes another revenue source on its own.Taking action for your business:
* Hopefully this gets your attention to think about what you could do to create additional businesses and revenue sources.
* Think outside the box for different variants of your business online. You have a totally different environment on the Internet to do things you can’t do in your brick-and-mortar business.
* Consider a different audience for selling your product/service/solution.
* Consider how to promote your product/service/solution to those who ultimately use it but don’t necessarily buy it.
* Think about different formats to present your business and/or product/service/solution using ideas like games, quizzes, video, competitions, fun elements, etc.

Your online business presence opens new horizons, ideas and opportunities to grow your business in many possible ways. Don’t be confined to just doing the same old stuff – think about how you can leverage the power of the Internet to generate revenues from additional sources for your business.

How to Find the Right MLM Internet Business Online |

Many people go on the Internet in order to find the right MLM Internet business online only to be surrounded by many different programs that try to recruit them. This can make you very confused and it is a big distraction specially when you first go on the Internet and have no clue what to do. I know this from experience as I was in the same position when I first one on the Internet and had no guidance and was very confused to see so many programs promising so much so I believe them.

The key to actually finding the right MLM Internet business online is to be discipline and not get tricked by all the different programs that you will encounter. Just because people go with the mindset of getting money fast tend to get very distracted by these programs thinking that they are for real. The mindset that you must have is to try to build a long-term business online and take your time.One of the Main things that you’re going to have to develop if you are serious about obtaining an MLM Internet business online is patience. Remember that the results will come eventually but is the take some time but people are very impatient and they tend to rush things. In order to achieve success you have to do the opposite and wait for the results.

Not many people are able to do this because they have the wrong attitude and approach and they end up paying in the long run.